100+ Amazing Things – Resco Mobile CRM on Greentree

16 Jan 2020 No Comments ERP, featured posts, Greentree, Mobile CRM

Below is an e-book containing more than 100 amazing benefits that Resco Mobile CRM can provide to Greentree users. The e-book has been broken down into four manageable segments for you to download or read at your leisure. Enjoy!

The first part of this brochure, looks at the following:

Section 1: Access to vital information
Section 2: SALES
Section 3: Improving Processes

greentree resco 1-min [download id=”7575″]


Part 2:

Section 4: Engagement
Section 5: Accuracy
Section 6: Insight
Section 7: Collaboration

greentreen resco 2-min [download id=”7572″]


Part 3:

Section 8: Cost Effectiveness
Section 9: Efficiency
Sections 10: Multimedia

greentree resco 3-min [download id=”7566″]


Part 4:

Section 11: Security
Section 12: Miscellaneous
Section 13: The Little Things

greentree resco 4-min [download id=”7578″]


If you would like any further information about how Resco and Greentree can combine to improve your day to day business processes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01767 677071 or by emailing kathy@appliedbusiness.co.uk.