Pegasus Opera 3 Business Intelligence Software

About Pegasus Business Intelligence Software

Opera 3 provides Business Intelligence tools that enable your business to get precisely what you need to know without wasting valuable time.

Opera 3 Business Intelligence software provides advanced intelligence working for you.

However don’t just take our word for it: Pegasus XRL has won awards for its features, while Pegasus Dashboards will revolutionise the way you view the information you need.

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Why Pegasus Intelligence Software?

Pegasus XRL

Pegasus XRL module allows Microsoft Excel to access live data from within Opera 3 at the click of a mouse, so you don’t have to copy and paste, re-enter data or work out formulas. For many years, users of accounting systems have had to struggle with complicated and inflexible reporting tools that were supposed to make things easier. In reality, they make extracting data into Excel a real trial.

Pegasus Opera 3 - XRL Management Reports

Pegasus XRL brings these struggles to an end. Pegasus XRL is an award-winning Business Intelligent application which seamlessly links your Opera 3 financial data with Microsoft Excel in a couple of simple steps.

Pegasus Dashboards

Pegasus Dashboards provides a visual representation of key business data in real time, in a wide range of formats and with powerful drilldown to the underlying data. This allows the business management team to identify trends and issues in an ease of use environment and to take immediate action as required.

Pegasus Dashboards

Each Pegasus Opera 3 operator can define their own individual Dashboards, depending on their role and responsibility. Critical information relating to each area it can easily be tracked such as sales performance, KPIs or stock levels. Pegasus Opera 3 enables managing directors, financial managers or heads of sales with their own Dashboard designed to fit the way they see the business.

Pegasus Opera 3 – Instant Messenger (PIM)

Pegasus Instant Messenger (PIM) helps release the business-critical information held within your system via pro-active alerts. PIM is Opera 3’s unique real-time reporting, scheduling and instant messaging tool, designed to address the everyday challenges that organisations face when attempting to manage and distribute business data.

Opera 3 Business Intelligence tools - PIM

Pegasus helps businesses to avoid the timely monthly or weekly management reports needed to determine the health of their business; PIM automatically distributes real-time, business-critical information in the form of a discreet pop-up instant message, as and when you need it.

Working with Applied Business

Applied Business Computers will examine your current business processes in order to make recommendations with the growth and development of your business in mind.

Once we have a template to work with we will install and service a suite of products that will grow with your business for the long-term. Consistently delivering real competitive advantage by reducing the risks and errors that crop up within a business that can cause a breakdown in communication, both internally and externally.

Your clients, customers and consumers will all see vital improvements in the way you operate, deliver and communicate, which can only have a positive impact on your sales and relationships.

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