6 Reasons to Upgrade to Opera 3 TODAY

6 Sep 2017 No Comments Pegasus

6 Reasons to upgrade to Opera 3 TODAY

There has never been a better time for Opera II users to move on to Opera 3. Here are six important reasons why you should upgrade today:

1. Software will no longer be developed in Opera II

Continuous enhancements and development are what has kept Opera II up to the standards that users require, but they are now a thing of the past. Pegasus will not be making any further enhancements to Opera II save for legislative and maintenance fixes.

Instead, all those crucial time and money saving developments and additional features going forward will be focussed solely on Opera 3. Upgrading will provide excellent integrated features such as the Scheduler (link), the Credit Management Centre (link), Web Exchange (link) and many more.

2. Your business software is getting long in the tooth

Opera II was initially released all the way back in 2000 and there is no doubt that technology has evolved dramatically over the past 17 years. The current day ubiquity of devices that didn’t exist back at the turn of the millennium such as tablets and smartphones exemplifies this.

Opera II is aging rapidly and is currently in extended support and its end of life announcement is expected in the near future.

3. Get Mobile Now!

If you have a mobile sales team then you really should have made the move to Opera 3 already due to the extremely useful Pegasus Mobile Sales app (link). This is exclusive to Opera 3 and allows sales teams to demonstrate and take orders on the go before securely sending the information back to base.

4. Upgrading to Opera 3 will never be cheaper

We know that cost is a significant factor when the decision to upgrade to Opera 3 is considered, but we must also point out the fact that Pegasus have announced that the current upgrade price will only increase as time goes on. There will never be a more cost effective moment to upgrade. Moving to Opera 3 now will only going to save your business money in the long term.

5. Opera II AMC costs are set to increase annually

In order to support and maintain both Opera II and Opera 3, Pegasus are now increasing the AMC charge for Opera II every year to match inflation. In fact, in many cases the AMC costs will actually be less for Opera 3 users than for Opera II users.

6. Still need convincing?

Then take a moment to read through this PDF provided by Pegasus, which will provide further details on the multitude of benefits upgrading will provide to your business.

Opera 3 Upgrade

Take advantage of our current offer and take the next step by upgrading to Opera 3 by emailing Kathy@appliedbusiness.co.uk or calling us on 01767 677071. Thank you.


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