How Greentree ERP can cure those F-GAS compliance headaches

13 May 2016 No Comments ERP, Greentree, HVAC Industry


Fluorinated gases (‘F-gases’) are powerful greenhouse gases that are carefully regulated by the EU as part of a concerted effort to combat global climate change.

Companies that operate, service and maintain equipment containing F-gas (including refrigeration, fire protection, air conditioning and heat pump systems) must comply with these regulations. They must also be able to document and report on every event of their handling of F-gas. This can be an administrative headache for such companies, with costly penalties for non-compliance.

For Greentree ERP customers, a cure is at hand.


Applied Business is pleased to announce the release of an integrated ‘F-gas’ reporting module for Greentree’s Customer Service and Asset Management suite. Whenever refrigerant is added to one of the above-mentioned systems, the service agent can record all the details on the spot, for timely and accurate reporting to both customers and compliance inspectors.

The truly integrated Greentree business management solution:

  • enables employers to record all qualifications and training for employees whilst in their employ
  • only allows certified personnel to be assigned to work on appropriate systems, thereby avoiding penalties for non-compliance
  • has the ability to keep comprehensive ‘F-gas’ records for the entire business by individual asset
  • ensures leak tests are done on time and re-tests are scheduled as required
  • allows F-GAS reports to be simply generated by client and asset number.


“Whether your organisation is grappling with internal service and equipment maintenance demands or with providing services that meet customer expectations, your business performance can be eroded by many factors,” explains Harry Mowat, Greentree UK’s Managing Director. “These include missed service calls, overlooked requests, late maintenance, unscheduled downtime, cost overruns and potentially unbilled service delivery.

“Greentree’s Service and Asset Management suite eradicates these risks. It has all the tools needed to maximise service levels provided to internal or external customers and to effectively manage the diverse needs of equipment maintenance.”

Importantly, the Greentree Customer Service and Asset Management suite is part of a complete ERP solution, which means all processes are automatically integrated with your other Greentree business functions such as job costing, purchasing, inventory and financials.

For further details, please contact Martin Craze at Applied Business on 01767 677071, email or visit our website at