What is ERP Software?

11 May 2021 No Comments ERP, Greentree, Pegasus

What is ERP Software?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software allows a business to integrate all of its operational facets, such as manufacturing management, product development, sales and marketing into a single user interface. These individual applications make several back-office functions – human resources (HR) and customer relationship management (CRM) automatable. The varying modules within the software are purchasable depending on which appropriately meets the specific needs and technical capabilities of an organisation. The Benefits of ERP include:

  • Visibility of your processes
  • Workflow Automation
  • Improved Customer Service Relationship
  • Better Supply Chain Management
  • Unified, Integrated Database


ERP software provides enhanced visibility of the individual processes for different departments within a business, including junior and senior management. Having readily available information on each process in a central location allows for increased collaboration, a more streamlined completion of tasks and a more coherent workflow; helping you to reach maximum efficiency.

Workflow Automation:

ERP software allows automation of the workflow within each department; ensuring the communication between departments is smooth and prompt. This results in faster completion of tasks and correct, timely implementation of projects; whilst also reducing operational costs. A variety of processes can be automated, such as processing customer orders and financial information.

Improved Customer Service Relationship:

Clients and customers also benefit from ERP systems. The utilisation of an ERP system allows client information to be centralised and streamlined. This provides your sales team with increased time to focus on building and maintaining customer relationships.

Better Supply Chain Management:

By maintaining an effective running of customer demand, sales and inventory procedures, your manufacturing process can be integrated and streamlined further; this allows for improved planning of raw materials, staff requirements and profit forecasting.

ERP software enables your business to integrate these individual processes to automate the delivery of customer orders. Employees can respond to demand and pricing queries quickly; allowing for stronger customer loyalty.

A Unified, Integrated Database:

The ability to collaborate data and system processes is a key component for ERP software. This database can be adapted to suit the varying management and operation procedures of an individual business. The automation and unity of each process creates a streamlined structure of core operations that meets a business’ requirements.

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