100+ Amazing Things you can do with Resco on Opera 3

16 Jan 2020 No Comments ERP, featured posts, Mobile CRM, Pegasus

Below is an e-book containing more than 100 amazing benefits that Resco Mobile CRM can provide to Pegasus Opera 3 users. The e-book has been broken down into four manageable segments for you to download or read at your leisure. Enjoy!

The first part of this brochure, looks at the following:

Section 1: Access to vital information
Section 2: Sales
Section 3: Improving Processes

Peg1-compressed [download id=”7581″]


Part 2:

Section 4: Engagement
Section 5: Accuracy
Section 6: Insight
Section 7: Collaboration

Peg2-compressed [download id=”7584″]


Part 3:

Section 8: Cost Effectiveness
Section 9: Efficiency
Sections 10: Multimedia

peg3-compressed [download id=”7587″]


Part 4:

Section 11: Security
Section 12: Miscellaneous
Section 13: The Little Things

peg4_compressed(2) [download id=”7590″]


If you would like any further information about how Resco and Pegasus Opera 3 can combine to improve your day to day business processes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01767 677071 or by emailing kathy@appliedbusiness.co.uk.