Four Benefits Of On-Premise ERP

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Four Benefits Of On-Premise ERP

There are positives and negatives to both On-Premise and Cloud based ERP systems. You can check out some benefits of Cloud based ERP by clicking here but this article will focus on four advantages afforded to businesses by On-Premise ERP solutions.

Reduced Long Term Costs

Initial up-front prices of an On-Premise ERP are considerably higher than Cloud offerings but the overall cost of ownership can end up cheaper. Subscription costs incurred with Cloud based systems do mount over time and – in the long run – can end up costing more than a more substantial initial payment.

Increased Independence

Cloud based ERP solutions are flexible up to a point. Ultimately though, they are overseen and augmented by the provider. With On-Premise ERP this dependency on the vendor is removed and the system is entirely in your hands. You never have to worry about the ramifications of your Cloud vendor going out of business or moving their offering in a direction you do not like. Your software is implemented in-house and maintained in your own physical space. You’re free to do what you want with it, whenever you want.

Offline? So What?

A loss of internet connection, no matter how long, can be a problem for Cloud ERP users. On-premise ERP systems don’t rely on internet connections. Your business will always be able to maintain its productivity regardless of Wi-Fi signal or internet outages. While Wi-Fi coverage and reliability is improving all the time, the scenario where it drops for even a short period is a nightmare scenario for many business owners. This is particularly worth considering if you deal with strict time limits or perishable stock.


Regardless of how secure Cloud offerings are these days, some people will always hold a preference for having their software, hardware and data in their own hands. With On-Premise this is the case. All crucial hardware and data is your responsibility and nobody else’s. There is no need to be concerned about data breaches happening to your vendor. You need not worry that a third party will have access to your precious intellectual property. You house it, keep it and protect it. It’s all up to you.

While that concludes our 4 Benefits of On-Premise ERP, there are many more that we could include. If you would like to discuss On-Premise ERP or any business software in general then get in touch. You can reach us via email ( or phone +44(0)1767 677071. We look forward to hearing from you.

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