About us

About Applied Business

Applied Business as a company are focussed on people; our customers and yours. This allows a fantastic opportunity for us to partner with you, providing software for SME businesses wishing to integrate their financial and customer assets.

This will enable individual teams within your company to share and manage client information, across the entire organisation from director level filtering down to sales, marketing, production, manufacturing and accounts teams.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give your client, customer or consumer a positive experience, consistently, time after time.

Sharing a ‘single’ source of customer intelligence and complete product information is beneficial for the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the business and the people providing a service.

Applied Business has been involved in the ERP industry for over three decades, amassing a huge wealth of knowledge and experience, working with an extensive number of clients.

We are dedicated software partners for Greentree Software Limited and Pegasus Software Limited in the United Kingdom and through our customer obsessed team of experienced staff we aim to maximise our client’s ROI from their ERP software.

Our comprehensive consulting services cover:

  • thorough pre-sales consultancy and planning
  • collaborative project management
  • personalised implementation & training
  • dedicated on-going support
  • continued client solution optimisation

From our first meeting, to identifying your specific needs, throughout the implementation phase and right through to our long-term on-going support, Applied Business will be with you every step of the way.

Get in touch now and talk to Kathy Craze for more information.

Kevin Newman
Kevin Newman - Finance & Administration Director, Adcock Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ltd Applied helped to create an environment where we could work closely as a team to develop the product (Greentree) in a way that worked best for our business.
Kevin Head
Kevin Head - M.D, Bailey Morris We have always received excellent support from Applied, who provide a comprehensive service in the most innovative and patient manner.
Chris Barfe
Chris Barfe - M.D, Ibonhart We chose Applied because they demonstrated an excellent understanding of our business and the processes that we wanted to put in place to make improvements. They’ve always worked with us in a very hands on manner to achieve results.