How much does a Mobile WMS Cost?

4 May 2020 No Comments ERP, featured posts, Warehouse Management

How much does a Mobile Warehouse Management System (WMS) cost?

The Mobile WMS solution delivered by Tasklet Factory supports the business processes in the warehouse and integrates seamlessly with the standard functionality of Greentree software.

It features an easy to use graphical user interface that can be personalised to the individual user’s requirements.

Warehouse employees will become so more efficient and make fewer mistakes as Mobile WMS provides a suite of tools and information helping them become more effective in their role.

So precisely how much does a Mobile WMS cost? Let’s break it down.

Mobile Devices

Mobile WMS is supported on a selection of standard range, long range and hands-free barcode scanners, capable of being used for various purposes in the harshest environments.  For example, cold stores and freezing rooms as well as seriously unclean situations.

We recommend selecting appropriate devices that have been already tested with our Mobile WMS application.

Tasklet Factory have a detailed list of their recommended hardware devices on their website.  For normal warehouse conditions we’ve found the Zebra TC-20 Plus handheld mobile touch computers to be excellent value and reliable.

Mobile Licenses

The Mobile WMS license price is determined by the number of mobile devices connected to the Greentree ERP system.

The license price includes access to all available features provided by the solution (however not all Tasklet Factory features are currently available for use with Greentree software).

So, what should you budget for implementing a WMS with 10 mobile devices?

If you already have Greentree ERP software installed in the business with the prerequisite distribution modules, then a realistic budget for a WMS barcode scanning solution would be between £15,000 to £25,000 depending on the size of warehouse and it’s operating environment.

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