Don’t Fear The Cloud

4 Oct 2018 No Comments Cloud, ERP, Greentree, Pegasus, Pricing, Uncategorized

Cloud computing continues to grow at an incredible rate and is changing the way many businesses function on a day-to-day basis. Despite Cloud computing’s increasing popularity, many people are still in the dark regarding the benefits it can offer, while some simply misunderstand what ‘The Cloud’ actually is. With that in mind, here are five popular misconceptions about Cloud computing:

  1. ‘I won’t have as much control’

Migrating to the Cloud does NOT in any way mean relinquishing control. In actuality, you are going to have more control based on the fact that with the Cloud you will have access to your business’s information from anywhere at any time, providing you have access to an internet connection.

  1. ‘Cloud computing is insecure’

The issue of security is naturally one of paramount importance for any business but for some reason there is a widespread misconception that Cloud computing is somehow less reliable than traditional methods. In reality, Cloud hosting companies employ a multitude of strict, state-of-the-art security measures to make sure that data is as safe as possible. Moving to the Cloud will not make your sensitive data less secure, if anything it will do the opposite.

  1. ‘I could lose all of my data if it isn’t on premise’

Continuing with the topic of security, a recurring concern for people regarding the Cloud is that their data is more likely to be lost in the Cloud than on-premise. While this concern is a common one, it is unfounded. Backups are performed with regularity by server providers ensuring that your data will be recovered completely in the unlikely event of a critical failure.

  1. ‘The Cloud is new and not ready for widespread use yet’

This is simply not true and it possibly the biggest fallacy of all surrounding Cloud computing. It is not in its infancy, nor is it in a bug-laden testing period. Cloud computing in 2017 is extremely mature and more popular than ever. Last year’s adoption rates within the UK alone were measured at 84%. Cloud computing isn’t the latest craze, it’s here to stay.

  1. ‘The Cloud is only for tech savvy companies’

Cloud computing can provide major benefits to any business regardless of industry, size or technological know-how. It’s all rather simple. A perfect way to illustrate how user-friendly and omnipresent Cloud computing actually is comes from the fact that we’ve all been using it in our personal lives on a daily basis for years. Every time we check our email, post on Twitter or watch Netflix we’re utilising the Cloud!

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