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We know how easy it is to miss out on crucial information in today’s fast moving world. Thankfully, so do our software partners Greentree and they have created a handy shortlist of seven key Greentree updates which you really should know about but may have passed you by.


The latest addition to the Greentree4 browser product family. Timesheets-Mobile is the result of extensive research across a wide range of companies that use timesheets in the field. It is designed to accurately capture and assign time with greatest degree of accuracy possibly, while making it as simple and intuitive as possible for the person using the timesheet.

Everything from the size of someone’s fingers through to wide variations in the way companies want to record time worked, breaks and days off have all been considered. It may be a simple thing, but our research showed that undercounting hours worked was costing most service based companies a bundle – with Timesheets-Mobile you now have a tool that literally can capture time and turn it into money.


Create your own, infinitely searchable, intelligent library of reports and documents. Starting with those all important financial reports you create using Greentree Financial Reporting, Reports and Documents enables you to store the definitive version of a report for others to access, post comments against and approve.

You are immediately alerted if a new version is available and can control how long a report is visible for, ensuring that you can take charge of time-sensitive feedback for Board and other reporting.

This same access, comment and review functionality is available for all your other documents as well, including those created outside of Greentree. Use Reports and Documents to connect product brochures, price lists, health and safety regulations, or any other document that can be used as an attachment within Greentree.

You can be absolutely certain that everyone who is cleared to access the document is seeing the very latest version with a full history of access, comments and updates maintained as you go.


While Greentree itself is a fully integrated ERP solution, there are some instances where you will want it to connect with other, often industry-specific, software you’re using. The Greentree API Engine makes coupling with other software languages and platforms, as streamlined and simple as it can be. You will directly benefit from the built-in development of the API Engine, enabling your software connection to be rapidly deployed and enjoy full, seamless, integration with Greentree.


Open Sales Orders using the latest Greentree4Sales-Mobile browser based technology and take an order directly from a customer while you’re in the field. As soon as the order is finalised, it is instantly made available for processing by every single person involved in your delivery and billing process. No more double entry; no more dropped balls because the information hasn’t got through. And even better, a 100% happy customer because he or she has seen their order actioned, in real time, while you’re still with them.


Get a real-time view of your sales pipeline using the latest browser-based technology, with a fully configurable, easy-to-read bar graph. Assign different leads to different lead categories so at a glance you see how many leads are “hot” and how many are not.

Plus, weight the probability of a lead converting to give you a more accurate view of the value of your pipeline with the value dynamically changing as you shift leads between categories. And because it can be updated on the go, it’s always accurate and available – who doesn’t want that.


When you’re working in a browser environment, particularly doing relatively complex data entry on a touch screen, you suddenly realise just how difficult filling in the fields of a table can be. Flexi-Forms completely eliminates the need for this as it dynamically creates a touch-friendly alternative allowing you to enter the information you need, quickly and accurately.

You are able to edit the forms based on individual or team requirements; removing and adding fields, changing the order you enter the data and adjusting the fonts and field sizes as you go. It makes entering information in the field incredibly easy and can be applied to any browser-based form.


Having revamped your forms as above, why not go to the next step? Screen Designer gives you ultimate control over the look and feel of your organisation’s Workspace in the browser environment. As no two organisations want their information presented in the same way now you can tailor what is viewed based on individual and/or team requirements.

Not only can you change the labels and font colours but significantly redesign any form to meet your specific needs. It really gives you the opportunity to ‘work it your way’ with minimum and the increase in productivity it creates, will maximise your results.

If you have any questions regarding Greentree4 then don’t hesitate to get  touch with us on 01767 677071 or by emailing Kathy@appliedbusiness.co.uk.


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