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The Border with the EU – Postponed VAT in Opera 3

Read & download this document which provides an overview of the changes Pegasus are making in Opera 3 to cater for PVA...

Pegasus Opera & The EU Border

Please read these two helpful documents for Pegasus Opera users regarding the upcoming border with the European Union...

Pegasus Opera 3 System Cost

How Much Does A Pegasus Opera 3 System Cost?

In this article, we provide a detailed answer to a question that we receive regularly: "How much does a Pegasus Opera 3 system cost?"

Quarantine Diaries From New Zealand: Part II

Our Greentree Consultant Andrea Spurdle recently returned to her native New Zealand to pay a visit to family. Only one snag...

Working with Applied Business

Applied Business Computers will examine your current business processes and make recommendations with the growth and development of your business in mind, choosing either Greentree ERP or Pegasus ERP as the platform for development.

Once we have a template to work with we will install and service a suite of products that will grow with your business for the long-term. Consistently delivering real competitive advantage by reducing the risks and errors that crop up within a business that can cause a breakdown in communication, both internally and externally. Your clients, and customers will all see vital improvements in the way you operate, communicate and deliver.

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