6 Reasons to Upgrade to Opera 3 TODAY
6 Sep 2017 No Comments Pegasus
6 Reasons to upgrade to Opera 3 TODAY There has never been a better time for Opera II users to move on to Opera 3. Here are six important reasons why you should upgrade today: 1. Software will no longer ...
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What is ERP Software?
7 Apr 2017 No Comments Enterprise Resource Planning
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software allows a business to integrate all operational facets, such as manufacturing management, product development, sales and marketing into a single user interface. These individual applications make several back office functions – human resources (HR) ...
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ERP & Supply Chain Management
1 Mar 2017 No Comments Enterprise Resource Planning
  ERP & Supply Chain Management Applied Business’ Managing Director Martin Craze recently had an article published in the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce ‘Business Focus Magazine’ in which he highlights the multiple benefits ERP can offer to Supply Chain Management. ...
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