Enterprise Resource Planning

What is ERP Software?
7 Apr 2017 No Comments Enterprise Resource Planning
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software allows a business to integrate all operational facets.
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ERP & Supply Chain Management
1 Mar 2017 No Comments Enterprise Resource Planning
ERP & Supply Chain Management Applied Business’ Managing Director Martin Craze recently had an article published in the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce ‘Business Focus Magazine’ …
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7 practical tips to improve your Inventory Control
9 Jan 2017 No Comments Enterprise Resource Planning
  1. Introduce inventory cycle counts Carry out routine cycle counts of your inventory and monitor the discrepancies. Over time, patterns may start to emerge. Investigating these patterns can help you spot fraud in your business which has been estimated to account for up to 44% of inventory shrinkage. ...
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Is your ERP software holding you back?
14 Sep 2016 No Comments Enterprise Resource Planning
Is your business management (ERP) software acting as a straitjacket? Is it compromising your flexibility and preventing your business from truly thriving? Well don’t worry, the keys to freedom are within your grasp. Dedicated manufacturing software is typically designed to meet the needs of repetitive manufacturing businesses. Prerequisite for ...
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